Solve Data Problems &
Write Impressive Papers

I help students and professionals analyze data and write research papers.

Specifically, I can help you:

  • Clean, process, analyze, and visualize numeric or text data.
  • Interpret findings and write a research paper.
  • Learn R programming.

Who I Am and What I Do

I am George Choueiry, a health researcher with over 7 years of experience in analyzing, visualizing, and presenting research findings. I am also a member of INSPECT-LB, a health research group. You can find my publications on ResearchGate.

Here are some of my projects:

Web Apps

Using R shiny, I created:

✼ An application that automates hypothesis testing and statistical modeling (link)

✼ An application to compare weighted and ordinary linear regression in different settings (link)


Using R and Adobe Illustrator, I created:

✼ A Chart that shows a timeline of Lebanon’s major historical events over the past 60 years (link)

✼ An analysis of the contributions and collaborations of INSPECT-LB group members (link)

Statistical Tools

Along with colleagues from INSPECT-LB, I created:

✼ An online tool to help researchers detect bias in medical studies (link)

✼ An online tool to help data analysts select the appropriate statistical test for their analysis (link)

Send Me a Message

If you are interested in working with me, please email me at [email protected]. My rate is fixed at 50$/hour, regardless of the type of work I do (one-on-one meeting or offline work).